The Quick route to the right information


Reshaping the collaborator experience through a new, full-service Intranet

Quick Restaurants is a Belgian chain of hamburger fast food restaurants based in France. It was the first hamburger chain founded in Europe and now has around 400 restaurants.

A simple integration, at first glance                                    

Quick wanted to reshape its Intranet so as to connect it to the Internet and make it fundamentally user-centric. At first glance, this project meant integrating new practical and useful tools with the existing collaborative dimension expressed through sections such as expertise, directory, documents and the search engine. The aim was to offer collaborators the most intuitive, dynamic and targeted solutions for their day-to-day tasks.

Looking beyond the first impression:  a full-service tool born of agile thinking

Valtech decided to implement agile methodology to have developers and UX/UI experts working hand in hand on the project. This led to a general analysis of user journeys and benefits. By including key Quick stakeholders at critical times, in creative workshops, Valtech was able to optimize the approach, ensuring no important information was omitted. This enabled the Valtech team to design the ideal Intranet for the targeted users.

From a Quick creation to a Quick success

Thanks to Valtech’s ability to take into account both the technical and functional aspects of the project in agile mode, the new Intranet was produced in about 4 months. It was immediately considered a full-service success by the collaborators and strongly cemented the new collaboration between Quick and Valtech.